STEP - Sensing peri-implant disease


    Sensing peri-implant disease

    Welcome to the website of the European project STEP, “Sensing peri-implant disease”. STEP is an integrating project funded through the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) of the European Union. The duration of the project is 24 months, starting from October 1st 2012. It brings together seven academic and industrial partners from four different countries.

    The STEP project is a multidisciplinary approach that combines innovative technologies emerging from biochemistry, surface engineering, and dentistry. The aim of the STEP project is to develop a new and easy to use diagnosis tool for early detection of peri-implant diseases. An early diagnosis of these pathological changes is very demanding due to the variety of clinical, microbiological and immunological indicators. Therefore, today the disease of the peri-implant tissue is usually diagnosed too late. A treatment at this late stage is difficult and results often in irreversible bone degradation.
    Early diagnosis  of peri-implant disease would avoid irreversible bone loss and permanent complications and help to apply existing therapies.


    Chewing chewing gum for science

    Within the scope of the EU project „early diagnosis of diseases of the peri-implant tissue“, the project consortium has met for its 8th meeting on June 26th and June 27th in Grenchen, Switzerland. This project runs under the direction of Thommen Medical. The meeting opened with testing of new bitter compounds and chewing gums, an opening that has somehow became a tradition. This was followed by an intensive discussion of all available preclinical data contributed by the participating research groups. The debate between clinicians and scientists from academic and industrial research involved in the project continued around the upcoming clinical trials as well as the steps needed to bring this technology to the market. The meeting closed with a tour through Thommen Medicals production and quality control.


    PD Dr. S.Stübinger (Uni Zürich), Drs. M.Schnabelrauch und C. Rode (Innovent), Dr. F.Schlottig (Thommen), Prof. L. Meinel (Uni Würzburg), Dr. T. Thiele (PolyAn)

    Midterm Review Meeting in Brussels at the 25th of september 2013

    After a very successful Midterm Review Meeting in Brussels at the 25th of september we enthusiastically look forward to the second half of STEP.



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